Charles D. Robinson Jr. aka  "C DA BEAST"

Is a Sourthen rapper Stright out of Lake Charles Louisiana. Born 1984 to Tina and Charles on Dec 22.

3 days before Christmas Tina considered it an early gift. By the age of 9, He was already performing at

local venues in the city doing what he does best. Being inspired by his Uncle (J-Smooth) he stayed in lesson with him to learn the unique patterns and clever Metaphors that he produced. After a couple years of studying under his uncle jay the kid got his first shot when he hooked up with a local group that was tearing up the town called Hot Water Entertainment shout out to (Fahrenheit) Quote the beast.

It was a perfect fit for the group, They instantly set the bar for local talent selling (30,000) Cd's out the trunk and heading for major artist such as E.S.G , LIL FLIP , BIG POKEY , PAUL WALL , SLIM THUG & Many others in the surrounding areas. Due to immaturity of the group it was a great but bitter end and the group split up as a result. Being from the streets that's where the Beast went back to forgetting rap and controlling the trap was his motivation now. It wasn't until DEC 2004 Da Beast was wrongfully charged with second degree murder and served (9 1/2 months) in jail fighting his case during the long fought battle he was released with determination to get back into his music. It wasn't until he got a call from manager and friend (Jessie "JB" Burtt) Saying he needed to change, So he jumped back into the studio recording and back to doing shows with E-40 , PROBLEM & other artist. Now although it's been a hard work in progress and many years and dedication it's finally starting to come together. "SIGNING WITH P.M.E HAS BEEN ONE OF THE BEST DECISIONS IN LIFE".

Quote (C DA BEAST) "2015 is my year" he also stated.

Be on the lookout for the long awaited mixtape "ARMAGEDDON" later on this year.  I.F.G.B